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NCRI President Message for the Formation of “National Solidarity Front”

NCRI President Message for the Formation of "National Solidarity Front" to Overthrow Religious Dictatorship Ruling Iran

At a time when our resistance against the clerical regime is escalating, I would like to express my gratitude for the spontaneous wave of solidarity demonstrated by our fellow compatriots in which they reiterated the legitimacy of the resistance waged to overthrow the religious dictatorship and exposed the scheme by the clerical regime and its international collaborators to label the People’s Mojahedin Organization as terrorist. I wish to recall the National Council of Resistance’s commitment to "the establishment of national sovereignty" through "a legitimate nationwide resistance," in Iran. This commitment, the primary objective stipulated in the program of the provisional program of the National Council of Resistance of Iran is in diametric contrast to the mullahs’ rejection of "popular vote and democratic rights of the people from all walks of life, including minorities and nationalities."

I wish to reiterate the need and urgency to abolish religious discrimination, a pillar of religious dictatorship ruling Iran. At the same time, I would like to recall the plan of the National Council of Resistance of Iran for the separation of Church and State ratified on 1985. The plan stipulates that "no citizen will enjoy any privilege or be subject to any discrimination based on belief or lack there of in a religion for being elected, to elect, employment, education, judgment or any other individual or social rights.”

The Iranian Resistance’s President-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi described national solidarity as the “manifestation of steadfastness and conviction of all sectors of the great nation of Iran to liberate themselves from mullahs’ cruelty.” She reiterated that this solidarity is "a reflection of the most profound democratic yearnings of the people of Iran, regardless of ideology, belief, religion and ethnicity, and transcends all partisan and political interests." She said the Front "embodies the unshakable resolve of the Iranian people to overthrow the mullahs’ inhuman regime.
(July 20, 1994).

Mrs. Rajavi offered her congratulations to Iranians for their show of solidarity during the major demonstrations on June 20. She said: “You comprise this front, every one of you. My fellow Iranians, every single woman, man, youngster, intellectual, author, poet, artist and athlete or members of groups who have rejected the Shah’s and mullahs’ dictatorships and seek the overthrow of religious dictatorship and establishment of freedom and national sovereignty in our enchained country are part of this front.”

In response to requests, suggestions and questions posed by those who are yearning for liberation of our country in reference to ways to enforce and expand national solidarity, I would like to point out the following:

1. The issue was reviewed and discussed from various aspects in the recent session of National Council of Resistance of Iran. The Council appreciated Mrs. Rajavi’s broad- minded political approach and sense of national responsibility and pursuing this issue
2. There are political forces and groups that wish to cooperate in the struggle (against the clerical regime) but, unlike members or supporters of the NCRI or its member organizations, are not inclined to, or cannot abide, for whatever reason, by NCRI and the Provisional Government’s plans or other ratifications. To bring about unity among these forces and groups, the National Council of Resistance of Iran ratified the plan for the creation of National Solidarity Front to Overthrow the Religious Dictatorship and presented it to all freedom- seeking and independent political forces and groups. This proposition is a test for our capacity for solidarity, our resolve to cooperate and our capability to coordinate among us.
3. With the hope of success for all of political forces that oppose the clerical regime who would join in this endeavour for national solidarity, I would offer the plan that was ratified by the Council:

Plan of National Solidarity Front to Overthrow Religious Dictatorship Ruling Iran

  1. National Council of Resistance of Iran, while reiterating the commitment of its members to the Council’s program, the program for the provisional government and the Council’s plans, ratifications and political structure of the Council, announces the plan of National Solidarity Front to overthrow Religious Dictatorship Ruling Iran and is prepared for cooperation with other political forces.
  2. The Front will encompass all Iranians and republicans, who abide by complete rejection of the velayat-e-faqih regime and all of its factions, and are campaigning for a democratic, independent and secular regime. The National Solidarity Front considers advocacy for the clerical rule or any of its factions and any contact or negotiation with it, as the red line in the struggle for freedom and against the clerical rule which no one should breach. This is the benchmark to distinguish friend and foe and the common ground for all individuals or political groups who want to have mutual relations.
  3. Those who nominate themselves for membership in the Front, should declare their allegiance to Item 2 of this plan. The first session of the Front would discuss all aspects of the front, including the review and approval of membership, drafting and approving the necessary by-laws and the internal elections of the Front.

Note: The NCRI Secretariat will be in charge of preparations for the first gathering of the Front.

The above plan with three items and an amendment was approved by National Council of Resistance of Iran on November 4, 2002.

Massoud Rajavi
President of National Council of Resistance of Iran