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Briefe von Frau Zahra Afsai an den Chefredakteur von DIE ZEIT

October 21, 2021
21:00, CET
From Ashraf-3, Albania

Mr. Giovanni di Lorenzo
Die Zeit
Buceriusstraße, Eingang Speersort 1
20095 Hamburg

Dear Mr. Di Lorenzo,

About an hour ago, I received an email abound in lies from Luisa Hommerich about my son who resides in Germany. As experience tell me, this woman is in the service of the Iranian regime’s Gestapo (Tehran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security, MOIS) against Iranian Resistance, and as such not worthy of my response.

You are most certainly aware of the court verdict about astounding lies Hommerich churned out in a bogus article in Der Spiegel in February 2019. In addition, I am aware that you have seen the statement by the Representative Office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) in Germany concerning the conduct of Hommerich and her contacts with the agents and operatives of the MOIS.

I strongly condemn and will expose her despicable exploitation of my family, and if the situation warrants will file a lawsuit against her. I also consider the ultimatum by this woman that “I need a response from Ms. Afsay by 12 noon” an act of inhumanity, which reminds me of the actions taken by the Mullahs regime’s tortures and basenjis against Iranian women.

I am attaching two successive emails by Hommerich about me.


Zahra Afsai.
21 October 2021


Der zweite Brief von Frau Afsan an die den Chefredakteur von DIE ZEIT

Mr. Editor
This person, whom you are aware of the court verdict about her article against the Iranian resistance in Spiegel, continues to torture me psychologically with lies and malicious slanders. This reporter’s entirely false storytelling is part of a predetermined scenario which seems she has been busy with it for months and now is shaped in an interrogation style. Stop this witch-hunt.
Zahra Afsai